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Al Muin

Majmua Perfume And Attar


-The mix of floral and sweet top note is refreshing and perfect for any occasion.

-The splash of saffron and flowery heart note is unique and adds a touch of elegance.

-The warm amber and slightly musky base note is perfect for a romantic evening.

A fragrance that will warm the heart with its sweet floral notes, while adding a hint of spice. The top note is a mix of floral and sweet splash of saffron and flowery, as well as a warm amber slightly musk and earthy base note. This lovely fragrance is made from patchouli, olibanum, patchouli and musk.

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Top note

  • Mix Of Floral and Sweet
  • Splash of Saffron and Flowery

Heart Note

  • Warm Amber
  • Slightly Musk and Earthy

Base Note

  • Slowly Radiates
  • Woody


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